This page type transforms all blocks in the main area into an accordion list. This is great for a FAQ page.


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Since last update, ALL icons have been disappear from my sit

Where can i download the Revolution slider

I've added the revslider to my ftp but can't see on install

Navigation doesn't work, toolbar have disapear

Where can i edit color of page's theme ?

How can i update the Theme ?

How can i add a icon to my page to show it on navigations ?

Customize theme

How to change apparence of pag-list or icooon block

How to manage button colors and apparence

How do i create Mega Menu ?

Ho to enable the simple drop-down navigation ?

How to disable to auto embedding top-nav ?

I can't access to the demo site to edit


The top-level title for each FAQ entry here is placed in the Custom Template --> Block Name field for the Content block. The nice thing about this feature is that any sort of block can be put into the accordion...Content, Videos, Pictures, anything! You set this accordion setting as a "page type" via the Edit--> Design--> Accordion page type setting.