Carousel Page list template

This template allow you to display pages as a responsive carousel, thanks to the great plugin bxSlider from Steven Wanderski This carousel provide some nice advantages :

Fully responsive

Will adapt to any device

Advanced touch

swipe support built-in

Uses CSS transitions for slide animation

Native hardware acceleration!

Multiple use on a page

With multiple templates

Multi-Browser support

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android, IE7+

These are all custom templates for the Page List block. Choose the best to fit your design !

No two projects are the same. That is why Carousel is packed with display options that allow the slider to adapt to the project’s specific needs, thanks to the theme options

Choose to display control, navigation arrow, speed, infinite loop, a random start.


The Carousel box list (above, middle) is created with the Auto-Nav block, and "Vertical Box Color" Custom Template.