Slide everything

Lobster !

Inspired by the Google font 'Lobster' and a shiny palette on

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Here, i'm living

This is really great, no ?

Slide Any and Everything An exclusive feature !

This feature allows you to put however many C5 blocks of any type in the header area and auto-magically creates a responsive slider to impress your clients !

How does it work ?

It's really simple. On each page you have a Custom Page attribute called 'Header as easy Slider'. (Edit --> Properties --> Custom Attributes)

Activate it and all blocks placed in the "Header" area become a responsive slide.
So block 1 = slide 1, block 2 = slide 2,...

That's all ?? Yes !  And it works with any type of block!


The "Exclusive Features" block is a normal Auto-Nav block with a Custom Template of "Boxed" applied to it.